Butt Welds with Basic Symbols

Weld Types_1
Weld Types_2

Tee Welds with Basic Symbols

Weld Types_3

Other Welds with Basic Symbols

Weld Types_4
Weld Types_5

Supplementary Weld Symbols

Weld Types_6

2 thoughts on “Butt, Tee and Other Welds with Basic Weld Symbols”

    1. The spot weld symbol is a circle which may be placed on the solid line, meaning arrow side, or on the dotted line meaning far side. More common is to place it on the center of the line (leaving out the dotted line). If you wish to state the number of spot welds, you can add that to the tail. (i.e. 4 x 90 deg.). The process depends on the skill of the welder. Either a TIG weld or a stick weld at low current.
      Hope this helps.

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