Due to visual input, high degree of automation, instant feedback and intuitive design Parabuild needs only a short training period so the steel detailer can become productive quickly. Our experience is that 2 full days of training is sufficient for learning Parabuild if you are familiar with AutoCAD or BricsCAD. Those experienced with 3D CAD software can often learn Parabuild on their own without assisted training.

Parabuild is a steel detailing software application to model all types of structural steel in 3D. It allows you to automatically produce the bills of material, shop drawings and CNC files needed to fabricate and erect a structure.

Parabuild Exercises

The best place to start learning Parabuild is to try the Step-by-Step Exercises included in the Parabuild installation.

The exercises are designed to familiarize the user with the basic functionality of Parabuild.

They will take you, step-by-step from drawing a typical 3D structural model using  Parabuild's unique Context Modeller, adding connections and finishes, to generating General Arrangement Drawings, Workshop Details, Bills-of-Material, and DSTV NC files for CAM machines.

You may work on the exercises directly from with the Parabuild interface - or the PDF version of the exercises may be opened for printing, which can sometimes be easier to use.

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