These heavy-duty bracings are generally designed to work in compression, with the tensile stress being considered insignificant and largely ignored. Such bracing is often used in structures which are subject to high lateral loads, particularly in areas which are subject to seismic activity. The joint ends should be faced for full bearing, but this can be difficult to achieve when taking into account normal fabrication tolerances, so be sure, the number of bolts and plate thicknesses should be designed to take the compressive load and Slip Resistant bolts should be used.

Compression struts may be used with eccentric or concentric (as illustrated) bracing patterns (See Vertical Bracing - Setting Out)

The bracing members are set out to a common Work Point located at the intersection of the centre lines of the beams, columns and bracing members. Other options for locating the Work Points can be found at Vertical Bracing - Setting Out

For more information on bolted splice pates go to:


Vertical Bracing Connections_43

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