Square, Rectangular, and Round Hollow Structural Section (HSS)

The hollow section profile possesses a greater strength-to-weight ratio than conventional open sections which allows for a greater flexibility in use due to its enhanced efficiency and inherent resistance to compression and torsion. This makes them ideal for use as structural column, shafts, trusses, composite beams and many other forms of custom designed configurations.

Apart from their structural efficiency, hollow structural sections can be pleasing to the eye, for this reason, they are preferred by many architects for exposed structures where their aesthetic qualities can enhance the visual appeal.

In addition, there are other benefits:

  • They provide high torsion resistance compared to I, C, L, and T shapes.
  • They provide high structural capacity in both directions (X-X and Y-Y) compared to I, C, L, and T shapes.
  • They can be used as a jacket for concrete column for increased axial capacity.
  • They are relatively light weight when used to maximize their properties compared to conventional open sections


The main disadvantage is that the connections can sometimes be difficult and expensive and special consideration is to be given if the finished product is to be galvanized after fabrication, and that is the focus of this series of articles:

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