Here we'll look at standardizing cleats following on from what has been discussed under Bolted End-Cleats. It's not an accident that the proposed standards align with Welded End-Plates. Though interchangeability is not really recommended, it does have advantages with regards to general Standardization.

The standard cleats proposed below all assume a Standard Gauge - however, by keeping to the web thickness range (tw Range) listed in the tables, it's possible to maintain a Standard Back-Mark if that's the detailers / fabricators choice.

The cleats all protrude from the end of the web by 5 mm.

The value for the number of bolts (n) is given in Table 3

Standard Small Cleats


Standard Medium Cleats


Standard Large Cleats


Number of Bolt-Hole Pitches (n)

Note that the values given for the number of vertical pitches of the bolt rows should really only be used for estimating purposes.

There are numerous variables affecting these values including bolt diameters, and of course design considerations.


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