Column Stiffening

Columns are stiffened mainly to improve their resistance to bending moments and are often used in conjunction with Moment Connections. Careful selection of the columns and beams will often negate the need for strengthening of the connections, however, there will always be cases where it’s deemed necessary. The method of strengthening is determined by the …

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Columns – Introduction

Columns are essentially compression members, but they may be required to resist lateral forces caused by wind and seismic activity. Additionally, they may be required to resist bending, especially in suspension structures where they act as ‘towers’ or ‘masts’ providing support for tension members. Bending may also be the result of eccentricity of the end-reaction …

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Column Base Plates

0The Column Base-Plate is welded tp the base of the column and in turn, fastened to the foundation by means of specially designed Anchor Bolts. They have to deal with a variety of load conditions including, Compression, Shear and Rotational Moments. All column bases will have to deal with a combination of these loads to a greater or …

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