Moment Connection Types

REVISIONS TO PAGE References to Fig’s 1 – 4 corrected Moment connections may be either shop-welded / site-bolted, or shop-welded / site-welded. By far the most common is the shop-welded / site-bolted, examples of which are illustrated below and include: Site-Bolted End-Cleats Site-Bolted End-Plates Site-Bolted Flange-Plates Site-Bolted Moment-Trees Typical Site-Welded connections Bolted End Cleat Moment …

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Moment Connections

What are Moment Connections? REVISIONS TO PAGE Duplicated text removed At first glance, a moment-frame appears to be a simple post-and-beam construction With a braced-frame these lateral forces are absorbed by the bracing system, which transmits those forces through the diagonal members, into the vertical columns, and into solid ground via the foundations. The best …

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