Welded Beam Splice

Welded beam splices come in many forms, but generally, as mentioned earlier, unless there are compelling reasons otherwise, they are usually considered to be ‘shop’ welded. The welded joint usually has to develop the full strength of the beam or girder which means that the welds (of at least the flanges) must be prepared, full […]

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Bolted Beam Splices

Sometimes it’s necessary to join together two beams in order to extend its length, this may be necessary when the required beam length exceeds that which is commercially available, or for reasons of transportation and/or erection issues. Beam splices typically resist large Bending Moments and shear forces and it is typically assumed that the flange

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Column Splices

Multi-Storey structures generally require that the columns be ‘spliced’ in order to extend their length for the full height of the structure. Splices may be either bolted or welded and its always assumed that welded splices are ‘shop-welded’ while bolted splices are ‘site-bolted’. It is possible to call for a site-welded splice, but making such

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